Garlic, Garlic TidBits

Garlic TidBits

The Healing Benefits of Garlic

It is kind of interesting that I have been on a garlic craze of late and have been using it in everything.

Today I opened a book up called “The Healing Benefits of Garlic” and turned to this page:

“Animals seem to have an innate sense of understanding that garlic will do them good when they become sick. Consider this curious piece of news in the March 1961 issue of Atlantic Monthly, which told of a flu epidemic striking Cape Town, South Africa. Baboons who became sick with the respiratory disease were seen burrowing for wild garlic and gorging themselves with it! Rural settlers sick with the flu themselves, upon observing this strange behavior, started hunting for it, too, and found considerable relief for their raging fevers and congestions.”

Pretty cool right? I think I’ll keep on a cookin with dat garlic. 🙂

Stay healthy and happy everyone 🙂

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