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Healing With HOPE

Let your hopes, not your hurts, shape your future.”

Robert Schuller

When it comes to healing or even just getting through a rough day, it always helps to focus on our HOPES!

Avoid Pain & Seek Pleasure

As humans we naturally want to avoid pain and seek pleasure so this is perfect! It reminds us to seek JOY and to find gratitude in what we do have.

For me, I am finding that the best use of my time and energy with my recent cancer diagnosis is to get excited about today and my future. I focus on the JOY I can get from today. I squeeze out every moment of it and I also get excited about my future. I see and visualize the next phase of my amazing life.

I am letting my sub-conscious mind know that life is important to me and I that want to live and enJOY it for a long time. I want my sub-conscious mind to know that I have a plan and that I am creating a mental blue print for it and I know that my sub-conscious mind is always working for my highest good and answering my beck and call.

Today I got excited visualizing my new kitchen on the shores of Lake Superior where I will record videos of making healing foods and sharing those with others. A book title came to mind just yesterday “Healing On The Shores of Lake Superior”. 🙂

When I get excited about life and my future that I visualize, my cells jump for JOY! I can feel the happiness ripple up inside my body and soul and I KNOW that that alone is healing me!!!

We just can’t lose by having HOPE and HAPPINESS.