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Food First!

I came up with a new saying for use in my daily life. It is “Food First”.

And this is what I mean by it.

Do you ever have those moments when you are thinking of cooking something or thinking I should eat something but you are busy doing other things and it seems like a chore or not a priority? I know that feeling exactly. And I even love to cook and I still feel this way!

However, recently I have embraced how important it is to have quality food and nutritious food in my daily life. So to remind me of this, I just say in my head or out loud “Food First!”. This snaps me back into remembering that nothing else is as important! Food First.

And then after I say it, I go and take the time to make some food, or take my supplements, or do my yoga, or whatever I need to do that is on my healthy priority list. It all falls under my umbrella of ‘food first’…. food for my body, my mind, or my soul. Feeding is more than just food.

I used my little strategy yesterday. I made this amazing pot of soup in the morning as well as my 5 minute cookies that I make for my hubby. And while I stirred the soup and was really thinking about the blog posts that I wanted to be writing, I said “Food First”. 🙂 to snap me back to the importance of making healthy and nutritious food.

What about you? Do you struggle with putting things first in your day? I know that time is always an issue for many of us but I am talking more about how we ‘feel’ about our priorities and how we see them or if we see them as priorities or not.

I hope you too put Food First and give yourself the gift and pleasure of prioritizing food and goodness into your life. 🙂

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Food Prep Hacks, Healthy Eating

Shock Your Broc!

I was just prepping some food for dinner tonight and thought “Hey, why don’t I share this hack just in case there are others who are unaware of it”. So here you go.

The Green Broccoli Hack. 🙂

The best way to cook broccoli is to steam it until it’s just tender, but not cooked or over cooked. Or better yet, the way YOU like it 🙂 But either way it is always nicer to have green, green, broccoli. So how do you do it?

I just use a simple steaming pan like this with about an inch of water in the bottom pan. Put the broccoli in the steamer pan part and top with the pot lid. Start out on high and keep and eye on it and lower it is you like. You just need steam so that is really your goal. And it does not take long so keep you eye on it!

Everyone should invest in one of these pans. If you don’t have one but you have a metal strainer you can try that with one of your current pots too. Learn to be open minded when cooking and try improvising when you have to.

The strainer pan sits inside a pot of the same size

Once it is steamed to how you like it, right away put it into a cold water bath. I use cold water with a few ice cubes.

Broccoli in a bowl of cold water with ice – getting shocked 🙂

Once the initial shock wears of your broccoli you can transfer it to another dish for saving for later or you can add the broccoli into whatever you are using it for. If you are going to have it later you can dip it in hot water to warm or just steam it for a few minutes to reheat.

I hope you found this helpful and let me know how you enJOY your green, green broccoli. 🙂