Integrative Medicine, Wholistic Health

Integrative Medicine For YOU and By YOU!


Integrative medicine means treating the whole person as in mind, body, and spirit. This is quite different than treating a disease.

I encourage you to see your own self-care and wellness plan for daily living with integrative medicine in mind. If you can see your daily wellness goals in a nature that is condusive for inclusion rather than focusing on a symptom or a disease label for example.

What to include? Here are a few ideas but are by no means all of the possible ideas you could have to thinking wholistically when it comes to your health and healing.


Our bodies have the natural ability to heal themselves and to bring about homeostasis or balance. Consider ways to aid your body, mind and spirit, in being balanced before they becomes unbalanced. Think of this whole situation as a set of scales and you DO NOT want the scales to tip.

You do not want the scales of your health to tip the wrong way because when it tips, it tips!

So by adding in more healthy things into your day you can help keep the balance. More sunshine, more walks, more water, more nutrients, more laughter, more meditation, more greens, more fruit… more, more … more. 🙂

Natural Healing

Because the body has the ability to heal itself, when seeking ‘treatment’ for any ailments you might have, keep this in mind. Consider how can you aid in the treatment(s) you are receiving by adding in extra helpers or things that can help restore that balance? Look for ways to add in more enhancements that aid in healing and in wellness.

Take Responsibility & Be Proactive

Ultimately it is your body, your mind and your spirit that we are talking about here and the more YOU can take charge and be proactive and involved as an important proponent of your health care and wellness management, the more integrative the approach becomes and the better chance to balance the scales in a positive way.

I hope you find this helpful. As always, when I write, I remind and encourage my own-self with my words. Great reminder Maggie! Thanks 🙂