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Cedar Tea

Today I had my honey go in our backyard and grab me some Cedar to make Cedar Tea. This stuff is medicine folks. I was thinking this morning about how it is crazy that I am not making this on a regular basis, especially because it is so easy to do so.

I am using the method of making the tea from Joe of the Creator’s Garden but you can Google other ways to make this tea but any way you do it, it is simple. And you really can’t screw it up. Just make tea! 🙂 That was probably the biggest lesson I learned from spending a day with Joe in the bush and in class a few years ago. When it comes to the medicine in nature, just make tea 🙂 and you can’t screw it up as long as you know the plant is safe and not poisonous or toxic.

Take a pot of water and heat it to just about boiling but not boiling. Then add your cedar. Make sure there are no brown tips and if so remove those and give your cedar a rinse or wash before using. Joe says a handful the size of a toddler’s hand but I added a bit more. I always go big. 

And that is it, let it sit for like 12 hours and take out the cedar, reheat and enJOY. I will add honey or maple syrup to mine. 

You can if you like boil your water, toss in the cedar and simmer it for a short time and then remove. That works too but for me I like the idea of a long process where the goodness gets drawn out. 

Cedar is chock full of Vitamin C and other nutrients and is super good for our lymphatic system. I found a great post on this from Joe at Creator’s Garden.

Here is the link to learn more about Cedar and its benefits:

I hope that you enJOYed having tea with me today and let me know how yours turns out. 🙂