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STRESS & One Simple Technique to Help You!

Stress will often rear its ugly head in our lives and sometimes on a daily basis. This is definitely something we want to get in check because stress and the stress response really is the number one killer. There is no way around that.

Stress can be defined as a real or a perceived threat to a person’s physiological or psychological well-being. Some of the experiences that people have as a result of stress may include chest pain, exhaustion or lethargy, jaw clenching or teeth grinding, digestive problems and weakened immune systems and more!

Mental symptoms can include anxiety and depression as well.

And stress can definitely be ‘in our heads’ and not just resulting from physiological situations. Our perceptions and attitudes as well as our thoughts play a critical role in our stress response.

There are many things we can do to manage stress and I will write more about this topic in the future, but one of the things that I do that really helps is a very simple technique. Before I share this easy technique, I want to mention that the first step in managing stress is acknowledging it. So even by reading this blog post and looking at those symptoms you are recognizing if you have stress in your life and you are acknowledging it! That is the very most important first step. We want to become tuned in to our own bodies and minds and this is how we micromanage our own self-care because it is indeef THE most important thing of all.

OK, and on to the technique! I discovered this hack on my own and by accident because I’m spending more time in bed as I live and journey with my Stage 4 Incurable Colon Cancer ‘Apparent Diagnosis‘.

In fact, I’ve even been using the technique while I’ve been working on this blog post from my horizontal office AKA my bed.:-) I found myself clenching in my stomach or tightening up and that usually means I’m not breathing properly and I’m becoming tense.

I am aware of this now because I pay attention. So what I do is I just say to myself ‘just sink or just sink in’ or ‘Maggie just sink in.’ And then I seem to take a deeper breath automatically, and I just let my body sink into the bed.

I find that it’s like a reset and that it works like magic for me. And it doesn’t matter if you’re sitting at an office chair or you’re standing at the kitchen sink and you realize that you’re tensing up and your shoulders are tight. Just say to yourself ‘just sink in and let the belly drop, shoulders drop, and then let the body sort of just fall towards your back. And when you do that the breath automatically starts to reregulate.

I hope you try this out and please let me know how this technique works for you. 🙂

My March 11, 2022 Interview with Louise.
My Interview with my friend Paul.

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Have a GREAT day everyone!

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Throw These Out! LEAD!

I’m at my little lake house organizing some cupboards and these yellow Tupperware canisters were left here when we purchased the place. It was actually pretty awesome because it came with so many things and it was just turn-key but these have to go!!

I have been following the Lead Safe Mama now for a few years and she tests dishes and other things that we use in our homes for heavy metals. These babies are one of the bad ones so I am not even donating these….. they are going right into the trash! I don’t even think you can recycle these And you wouldn’t want to because you’d be recycling the poisons and toxins.

I have always been conscious in recent years of heavy metals and other toxins and now that I am dealing with my own apparent Stage 4 Cancer ‘diagnosis’, I am even more cautious.

I also do hair mineral analysis testing for my clients and of course myself, and I was very high in lead and so this can all contribute to illness and dis-ease in our body. We must always LOWER toxins and DECREASE our input of toxic exposures. So if you have any of these I highly encourage you to just get rid of them.

Here is a link to the article by Tamara Rubin, The Lead Safe Mama.

I will also attach a link here for information on getting your hair analyzed to test for heavy metals and mineral deficiencies you’re all deficiencies. I find it super helpful to get an idea of where we are at with our toxic and loads and heavy metals I’ve been metals as well as nutrient deficiencies.

Have a great day everyone and always remember small steps everyday in our health goals do add up!!

My favorite non-toxic cleaner, SNAP All Purpose Natural Concentrate… great for washing veggies!

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Cachexia or Wasting Away Syndrome & 3 Strategies

Cachexia You Say?

So here I am after being diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon Cancer in March of 2021, and now dealing with Cachexia on top of it all..

Cachexia is often referenced to as Wasting Away. It is pronounced (kuh-KEK-see-uh) and most people have never heard of it.

I have this deep desire to crack the code on this one! I have done a lot of research and continue to do so. Unfortunately, there is little of anything known to help with this late stage disease that happens when people are in an advanced or chronic condition.

To make it easy, I have come up with my own short definition below to help clarify more easily what Cachexia actually is. If you are interested in a more indepth knowledge around the topic I would encourage you to do a Google Search.

You may be surprised, as I was, to find that medically they have yet to have any targeted drugs or therapies that are effective in treating Cachexia. There are some drugs in clinical trials but only early stage.

My Definition of Cachexia

Cachexia or Muscle Wasting Syndrome is a muscle wasting that can occur in cases of Cancer, Heart Disease, COPD and other Chronic Diseases. Cachexia can be both an underlying cause and a catalyst in the onset of death of the body.  It is not just the loss of appetite but more so a chemical shift in the body caused by the illness itself.  Cachexia can cause the body to consume muscle tissue in order to draw nutrients to feed the underlying disease. It then becomes its own catalyst for the imminent death of the body, despite the original, underlying disease. Maggie Holbik, CHN, NNCP, RHP, CC

Fortunately, in my research, I was lucky enough to meet someone who actually did cure herself of this and her cancer!

The most important initial thing that she did to launch her reversal of Cachexia is now also my number one therapy at this time.

I am also developing my own protocols and recipes to support the reversal of Cachexia. Today I’m going to share with you 3 things that I am doing that seem to be working right out of the gate! I can see some improvement already and I’m quite happy about that. I realize though, that I have to be patient with this process and consistency will be key.

I will be blogging some additional posts with more details of what exactly I’m doing and the protocols that I’m developing so stay tuned.

It is my hope that anyone reading this who has information, clues, or experience with this disease can reach out to me. I would really appreciate that.

If Your Loved One or Someone You Know Has Cachexia. Don’t do this!

And, before I go any further, I really want to mention, please do not think that feeding or force-feeding your loved one who is wasting away will do the trick. The body cannot utilize the food in the way it’s supposed to and it often causes a lot of discomfort for the patient as well as all energy goes to digesting food rather than healing the body or rebuilding any muscle. So eating and food intake must be done with balance and caution. To keep in mind also is that the person suffering from Cachexia usually has a severe loss in appetite or even has lost the desire to want food.. This adds another challenging factor to the equation.

First Thing! Muscle Builds Muscle.

The very 1st thing my new friend started doing was building muscle! She was down to 88 pounds and really didn’t have the muscle to build from. She was asked to squeeze her butt cheeks and she couldn’t. She had no butt muscle left to squeeze.

I luckily still can squeeze my cheekers 🙂 and feel that I may have a bit of an advantage because I have some muscle left to build muscle with. At least I hope so. So I am doing weight bearing exercises. I lift weights and use exercise bands to help with this also.

I also do squats. Whenever I go to the bathroom or am near the kitchen sink I hang onto the sink and I do 10 squats at a time. I’ve even done a few upper body push-ups and I’m working at doing more… So that was number one. Get the muscle-building muscle.

I’m going to share a picture with you of my back and my arm. They are a bit graphic and although I am considered in my ideal weight range my body does not look like it. This disease takes away your skeletal muscle and you will be able to see what I mean by the pictures. Please do not visualize me as sickly when you see them. I need everyone to have visions of vitality and strength for me.

My back. If I sit or lean against a wall it’s like playing painful piano keys on my upper back below my neck. lol
Side view of back
Wasting Away of my arm muscles… the nurse struggles with the blood pressure cuff now…

Now the pictures are not dire, or at least I don’t think so, and you can see in my lower arms for example, that I am gaining some muscle back. I haven’t revealed my legs yet, but my ‘fish belly’ calves are firming up!!!

Strategies Two and Three are Supplements

I have a list of supplements that may be helpful for Cachexia but these two in particular I feel are key to go along with my Step One of muscle building and I will share these two with you today, Isotonix Peak Performance Blend and Longevity Formula.

They both use the Isotonix Delivery Method which I love! This is especially important for me with a compromised Digestive System due to Colon Cancer and its Metastasis which affects my Digestion, Absorption, and Assimilation of Nutrients! And I might add that MOST people today have compromised Digestive Systems! The Isotonix Delivery System is for everyone. As a sidenote, my finger nails are healthier, longer, and stronger than they’ve been in 30 years! I believe it us my use of the Isotonix supplements to support my body overall. My body is getting nutrients and doing it’s job despite the muscle atrophy from the Cachexia.

My nails so healty and happy!

Oh and great news!

I just went to the bathroom and weighed myself and I am up 9 pounds since Feb 8th!! Today is the 17th! They say any Weight gain is usually fat but I know my muscle growth is happening so it is partly muscle for sure! I was esctatic see this and so happily surprised!! Let’s celebrate!

Isotonix Delivery System−

Isotonix – the World’s Most Advanced Nutraceuticals
Isotonic, which means “same pressure,” bears the same chemical resemblance of the body’s blood, plasma and tears. All fluids in the body have a certain concentration, referred to as osmotic pressure. The body’s common osmotic pressure, which is isotonic, allows a consistent maintenance of body tissues. In order for a substance to be absorbed and used in the body’s metabolism, it must be transported in an isotonic state.

Isotonix dietary supplements are delivered in an isotonic solution. This means that the body has less work to do in obtaining maximum absorption. The isotonic state of the suspension allows nutrients to pass directly into the small intestine and be rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream. With Isotonix products, little nutritive value is lost, making the absorption of nutrients highly efficient while delivering maximum results.

Isotonix Peak Performance
Some Benefits of Peak Performance
Isotonix Ultimate Longevity Formula
Some benefits of Istotonix Ultimate Longevity Formula
Product Classifications

In Conclusion

These are my main three steadfast protocols in addition to many others that I am implementing and will share more about those later. I just wanted to get the message across today about how unknown this disease of Cachexia and to know there is HOPE.

It is also important to throw out there that if anybody has any input I would really appreciate it.

And here is an interview I recently did with my friend Paul Luftenegger if you would like to watch or to share with anyone who might benefit!

Click on The Last Wish & Legacy to see what Maggie Desires

To learn about the Sparkle Mat click here:
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I really can’t say enough about this tea called “Immunitea”. It is delicious and filled with some of my most favorite organic ingredients for boosting immunity! ♥ tea ♥

I especially love it to help me on my journey with healing cancer but it is beneficial for everyone!

“Each serving of ImmuniTea is packed with high-quality ingredients including organic turmeric, organic ginger root, organic hibiscus, organic licorice, organic lemon balm, organic elderberries, organic echinacea and zinc. With a powerful antioxidant base, this blend was designed to support the body’s natural immune response, anti-inflammatory activity, and gastrointestinal comfort.*”

With ImmuniTea, you don’t have to worry about brewing five different teas to reap the benefits of these ingredients. This dietary supplement can be taken at any time of day and may help stabilize mood, as well as promote relaxation and mental clarity.* 

Support your everyday immune response with a delicious cup of Shopping Annuity Brand Premium ImmuniTea!*


  • Supports the body’s natural immune response
  • Powerful antioxidant
  • Supports anti-inflammatory activity
  • Supports gastrointestinal comfort
  • May support cardiovascular health by helping to maintain healthy cholesterol and blood pressure levels
  • May help stabilize mood/promote relaxation
  • Promotes mental clarity

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Check out the ingredient label here:

Ingredients of Shopping Annuity Immunitea

And what makes this tea even more amazing, is the price point! Incredible for all of these immune-boosting ingredients all in one!

You can enJOY this tea in many ways. I like it hot with honey. I also like to add a bag to my batch of other teas I make like Chaga Tea or Soursop. And it is lovely cold too! So you can make a batch, have a cup hot and let the rest cool and into the fridge in a mason jar. 🙂

This tea is a WIN-WIN!

♥ tea ♥

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Healing With Intention

“What happens when people open their hearts?”
“They get better.” – Haruki Murakami

Open Your Heart to Heal

When we are facing an illness whether temporary, chronic, or terminal, there are always things that we can do that help us to heal, even if it is just healing our hearts and opening to more JOY along the journey.

All healing starts with personal empowerment and intention. What we intend we help to bring about.

As I journey and dance with cancer, I am learning to both embrace and to be open to the gifts that it has to offer. One of the greatest gifts that I have discovered along the way, is that I do have a lot of personal choice when it comes to how I approach things.

For example, in everything that I do on a daily basis, I use the power of intention. What I mean by that is that I declare with intention that things are healing me and bringing me to a new level of health and peace of mind.

If I am drinking my morning lemon water that I made with love, I am also declaring and believing that this lemon water is healing my body and that my body loves it. If I am petting my cat Bella who lays on top of me, I am intending that as she purrs and oozes out pure love, I am being healed in every second of that encounter. I Believe and I Intend!

I do this all day long and with everything. It gives me a great sense of power in that not everything is outside of myself and that I do have great personal power to co-create in my healing and that my friends FEELS AWESOME! And the more awesome I feel, the faster I heal and the more I vibrate in the frequency of perfect health.

I hope that you too take personal empowerment seriously in your life and that you delight in using the power of intention and expectation. 🙂

Have a great day everyone!

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Healing With HOPE

Let your hopes, not your hurts, shape your future.”

Robert Schuller

When it comes to healing or even just getting through a rough day, it always helps to focus on our HOPES!

Avoid Pain & Seek Pleasure

As humans we naturally want to avoid pain and seek pleasure so this is perfect! It reminds us to seek JOY and to find gratitude in what we do have.

For me, I am finding that the best use of my time and energy with my recent cancer diagnosis is to get excited about today and my future. I focus on the JOY I can get from today. I squeeze out every moment of it and I also get excited about my future. I see and visualize the next phase of my amazing life.

I am letting my sub-conscious mind know that life is important to me and I that want to live and enJOY it for a long time. I want my sub-conscious mind to know that I have a plan and that I am creating a mental blue print for it and I know that my sub-conscious mind is always working for my highest good and answering my beck and call.

Today I got excited visualizing my new kitchen on the shores of Lake Superior where I will record videos of making healing foods and sharing those with others. A book title came to mind just yesterday “Healing On The Shores of Lake Superior”. 🙂

When I get excited about life and my future that I visualize, my cells jump for JOY! I can feel the happiness ripple up inside my body and soul and I KNOW that that alone is healing me!!!

We just can’t lose by having HOPE and HAPPINESS.

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3 Easy Ways to Incorporate More Nutrition Into Your Day

Good Morning!

This was the happy site I awoke to this morning and it made me smile. Last night I washed and prepared all of this goodness and I love looking at it! The colors are so vibrant and each piece of food has its own energy that one can feel if one taps into that. What a great way to wake up!

We often ‘forget’ to eat or to incorporate certain foods into our daily routine because as the saying goes ‘out of site, out of mind’, so here are 3 tips to help with incorporating more fruits and vegetables into your daily diet.

Prepare Your Foods

Spend time preparing your foods so that they are ready to go. For example, wash your fruits and vegetables with a non-toxic soap or with vinegar and water and let them dry on a towel. I use terry cloth towels a lot in my kitchen. I use them to dry veggies, to dry and pat lettuce etc.

Various fruits drying on a terry cloth towel

Plain Site

Leave foods in plain site so that it calls out to you and that you are reminded to use it. I use a lot of glass bowls or containers to hold my fruits so I can display them and contain them. Foods have frequency so even having fresh fruits, for example, displayed in your kitchen adds a level of healing frequency to your house. These foods after all are ‘live foods’ and we are living beings so we resonate with these a lot.

Just Eat Them!

Just eat them anyway you can get them into your body. Whether it is straight away munching on an apple, throwing some in a smoothie, adding chopped fruit to a salad or trying a new recipe, just eat them! You win every time you eat one of these pieces of nature’s medicine.

I am diligently working daily at adding in nutritious foods to my daily routine and into my personal food protocol for healing and maintaining optimal health in my body. Fruits and vegetables are well known for their anti-cancer properties but they also are gems when it comes to providing nutrients to the body for healing purposes too.

I hope that you enJOY preparing and indulging in all of these gifts that nature has to offer. Have a great day everyone!

My favorite non-toxic cleaner, SNAP All Purpose Natural Concentrate… great for washing veggies!

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Thoughts On FEAR

“He who has overcome his fears will truly be free.”



One of the things I have learned about fear is that I don’t like it 🙂 And this is why I strive to live fearlessly, no matter what is going on in my life. And I know this is not always easy and that is why I say “I strive to live fearlessly“. 🙂

When I am in fear, my cells constrict, my heart tightens, my stomach tightens, and I feel dense, and of course … afraid. I have really learned how to tap into and listen to my body and fear has its own frequency and as I said and will say again, I don’t like it!

So I decided many years ago that I wanted to live fearlessly and in JOY! And now that I have been gifted this journey of experiencing the role that cancer will play in my game of life, I feel no different. I have just upped my game. I am even more so determined to LIVE FEARLESSLY.

How Does One Live Fearlessy?

I have written many posts about fear as well as affirmations you can use and you can find them here:

I hope you find the articles helpful but the easiest hack to help with fear is to focus! Focus using your energy banks on things that make you happy and that bring you JOY! Yesterday I wrote about using energy banks in your day and this also applies to not using those banks to focus on fear which ultimately depletes your energy banks faster than anything else!

Here is the energy bank post:

I hope that you found all of this helpful in some way. And now I am off to find some JOY in doing my daily yoga. 🙂

Have a great day everyone! Now or in the future 😉

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Energy Banks & Our Health

Our Energy Banks

It seems that almost every day I have a conversation with at least someone about my new insight into ‘energy banks’.

Since my cancer diagnosis and with how my life has changed, I get at a deep, deep, level the significance of working wisely with our own personal energy source. I see the source as banks or batteries and in a day each bank that I have has only so much power and I choose where I use that power.

For example, I am using the majority of my banks and my power to focus on my healing and in clarifying my journey. I understand that without a shadow of a doubt, the highest and wisest use of my time is to zone in on making my life conducive to perfect health which includes many things such as high quality foods, supportive therapies, peace of mind and more.

In come my energy banks! In a day I must direct my energy and stored energy (there is only so much in a day) to where I need them to go to support my efforts.

I highly recommend considering this concept in your own life regardless if you have a challenging illness or not.

I will give you an idea of what I mean. Sometimes I will be having a conversation with someone about a ‘whatever’ topic and I might say something to them like “You know what, I am not really up to or interested in talking about this as I need to reserve my energy for my healing“. And they almost always completely understand :-).

When you are faced with your own mortality, things become real clear and really quick. Even when it comes to my overall diagnosis, prognosis, and therapies, it is often not something I want to go into details about because I am using my energy to keep my mindset positive and to focus on what I need to do in my day to heal.

Not that I don’t ever talk about these things. I find I am often sharing with others who are on similar journeys and it gives me JOY to encourage and inspire them along their journeys too, but I am very conscious of how much energy I expend and I monitor when I need to pull back.

Even with discussions, whether vocal or written, I monitor how much energy I expend and I question could this energy be better spend elsewhere?

Other People’s Energy

I also love the idea of leveraging everyone else’s energy when it comes to my healing and well-being which is why I never want people to think of me and to be fearful or worried. The best use of anyone’s thoughts or energy would be best spent thinking of me and seeing me as vibrant, healthy, JOYful, happy, and as Full-Speed Ahead moving into the next phase of my amazing life with smooth sailing. That’s how I want people to see me and to use their energy. 🙂

There are really only two emotions or ranges of e-motion also known as energy in motion and they are FEAR and LOVE. Love always feels better and love is always the answer. So the more others think of me with hopeful and awesome visions, the better for them and the better for me. See, we all win.

I hope that you too tap into leveraging your energy banks and remember sleep and rest are one of the best ways to restore your banks and naps are great for this too, just sayin 🙂

Have an amazing day everyone!

My Acronym FEAR: Forget Everything & Rest…

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A Thought Around Health Care Providers

I have been thinking a lot lately about what makes a good health care provider and I am sure that there are many aspects but what comes to mind for me first and foremost, are KINDNESS & COMPASSION!

Since my recent diagnosis of Colon Cancer I have seen a lot of health care pros in various settings and when I see the kind ones, I always tell them how much I appreciate their kindness.

There have been so many that I have seen lately from Surgeons, Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Naturopathic Doctors, Oncologists, Anesthesiologists, Physiotherapists and the list goes on. I take every chance I get to thank them for what they do and for their kindness and compassion.

I recently expressed to my oncologist whom I just met, that I thank him for his chosen career as I cannot imagine how challenging and difficult it is to be in his role. I also told him that he was very kind. He thanked me and said that my words were inspiring and that indeed that is probably the biggest reason people get into the health care field is because they are kind and compassionate and want to help, which made my heart smile. I can honestly say that I actually had compassion for him!

I can see how it would be very easy to burn out as the years go by, but of course there are rewards too but this blog post is not about that, it is just about my appreciation of kindness, compassion and confidentiality as well. It is so important for a patient to feel safe, and cared for, especially when in a newly vulnerable state which may include physical, mental, emotional and spiritual vulnerabilities and fears.

Cancer is a diagnosis like none other and until you have experienced it, you cannot describe the experience which is also very individual and different for each person but I can pretty well guarantee that there are a lot of similar terrifying emotions and thoughts that people generally experience. And this is where that kindness becomes extra important.

And we all have a role in being kind. I am being showered with so much love and support from so many people and I cannot express to you how WONDERFUL this feels to me! I say it is the wind beneath my healing wings and I so believe it. I am learning how to receive and it feels good. I am so grateful that there are people in my life to support me.

I have often talked in business groups and when I have been a guest on a radio show for example, the importance of building a network and that even in our personal life we require networks…. these help us in times of need and we can in turn be an important part of a support network for others. This is the gift of life and of caring and of kindness, empathy and compassion.

How Might You Help Those That You Care About?

On another note, I will be doing a future blog post about ways you can help those people in your life who are going through a scary diagnosis like cancer. It is a delicate state of affairs and there are ways to support that include holding the appropriate space and balance between supporting and matching what the person wants or needs. I am hoping that my insights might be helpful to others because I know that this whole thing can be very awkward. It is similar to not knowing what to say to console someone grieving…. anyhow stay tuned for that one.

And in closing thank you to all of the kind and caring health professionals and everyday ordinary people who make a difference in others people’s lives every day just by being kind. I LOVE YOU ALL!