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No Paper Towels? No problem!

Lately I been having trouble getting paper towels. First it was toilet paper and now paper towels. Go figure.

Anyhoo, the cool thing is that I came up with a creative solution and it ties in with one of my favorite topics which is thrift store shopping and my love of fresh air!

Here was one of my thrift store scores from a while back:

A pretty flannel sheet with roses on it

This was a king sized flat panel flannel sheet that I picked up at the thrift store for like $2 or something like that.

More than a sheet!

But this sheet is more than a sheet. I have used it for a cover at the lake house for my futon that I had on the deck this summer and it tied in with my ‘shabby chic’ theme. It ended up getting a hole in it but who cares? It was 2 bucks!

Now it has more wonderful uses:

My pretty sheet cut up into various sizes of towels or rags

I cut the entire sheet up in to various sizes of towels or rags, or call them what you will. These are now, rags for around the house, used in drying my fruits and veggies, and now also paper towels substitutes!

My cut up flannel towels on the paper towel rack.

The best part about using these is that I wash them and then dry them on the clothes line and the smell is oh so amazing. So I love using them for that reason too. Not to mention how pretty they are.

I will be on the hunt for more flannel sheets to add to my collection and then we can all have our own color in our household too…. 🙂

I love recycling, reusing, repurposing and helping charities and the environment. What’s not to love about all of those things?

Have a great day everyone and if you want to see some of my favorite thrift store treasures that I have found here is the link:

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