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Is it a Cold or The Flu?

Here is a handy comparison chart to see if you are dealing with a cold or the flu.


Potential Complications of a Cold: Sinus congestion, difficulty breathing, earaches, and low energy.

Potential Complications of a Flu: Bronchitis, pneumonia, low-energy, lethargy, and can be life-threatening.

Helpful Suggestions

No matter what one is dealing with plenty of rest is ALWAYS a good idea. Your body needs all of its energy stores to deal with the situation so ‘pushing through‘ is NEVER a good idea and may prolong your sickness and even make it worse.

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Drink plenty of liquids to help stay hydrated and to move impurities out of the body. If you have a sore throat drink things like warm lemon water and honey. Here is a recipe also for sore throats:

Dealing With A Fever?

If you are dealing with a fever, remember that fevers are there for reason. You might want to read this post about fevers and see how miraculous they can be:

And as always, prevention is the best medicine there is. We cannot always prevent these illnesses but we can take measures to support our bodies, minds and our immune systems every day of our lives. In this way, we are more resistant to pathogens and invaders.

Here is a link that might inspire you to do just that! We don’t want to be like a pot of water just waiting to boil over. The tipping point always comes. 🙂

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Pet Love

If you have a pet make sure you cuddle with them. This is hugely helpful!

Eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables is extremely helpful in providing the body and mind with the nutrition they need to stay active and healthy. There are also many excellent supplements to help also and when it comes to Immune Support, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Zinc are three very important ones that can be of help.

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Study Shows More Than 80 Percent of Hospitalized Covid-19 Patients Low in Vitamin D

I am attaching a link to an article about a study that just came out and is well worth the read. I will put the link below in green.

Vitamin D is important for so many things and is often overlooked.

One of the roles of Vitamin D is that it is vital for the growth and health of bone; without it, bones will be soft, malformed, and unable to repair themselves normally, resulting in diseases called rickets in children an osteomalacia in adults.


One of the big factors we should be honing in on though is Vitamin D’s role in immunity. According to Dr. Fred Pescatore, in his personal COVID-19 protection protocol recommendation, when it comes to vitamin D 3, is that it helps white blood cells destroy viruses that sneak into lungs, lowering the risk of respiratory infection by 64% and COVID complications seven-fold. While sunshine boosts D-3, supplementing ensures adequate levels. Dr. Pescatore says: “I suggest 50,000 IU for two days, then 15,000 daily.”

* Be sure to follow you own Doctor’s advice regarding supplementing with D3. I am simply sharing his Protocol from Woman’s World Magazine, Sept. 14, 2020

Also according to Dr. Pescatore:

“People at higher risk of deficiency include the elderly or obese people, people who don’t get enough sun exposure, people with darker skin, and people who take certain medications for long periods of time. Adequate sun exposure is typically estimated to be two periods per week of 5-20 minutes. People who do not have adequate sun exposure may obtain the vitamin D that they need from food sources or supplements”


For those that live in my part of the world, here in Canada, we know that most of us are deficient in this critical nutrient. In fact, I have in the past requested Vitamin D testing and was told it was a waste of time and they don’t recommend it because they already KNOW that more than 80% of the population here is deficient!

Wow, what does that tell you? I highly recommend reading the article and you may want to take the issue of your Vitamin D levels and put it at the forefront of your personal health care routine.

Here is the link to the CTV article:

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