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Personal Empowerment Hack!

I found this quote this morning and I never want to forget it and nor will you!

I apologize that I don’t know who it is by. I sometimes bounce around and read multiple books at once. When I figure out whose it is I will update this blog post but for now we have no time to waste, we need to know this info so here it is:

“A faulty self image leads to failure.But a favorable self image brings you fortune and all success even if you are in an unfavorable situation right now.”

I don’t know about you but this was absolutely freeing and empowering to me. It made me realize that if I am in a fearful place or insecure place it does not matter, I merely need to change the way I see myself and I can change the situation! Wow. It goes right along with another blog post I did today over at by main blog. Be sure to check out this powerful and enlightening post too! Here is the link: https://maggieholbik.blog/2019/10/28/using-your-minds-eye/ It’s all about using your mind’s eye just like when we take a picture of something. 🙂

I hope you too found this info useful today.

Picture of a woman using her phone to snap a picture of 'image' of herself.
Picture of a woman using her phone to snap a picture of ‘image’ of herself.
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Using Dreams as a Tool for Manifesting Your Life’s Dreams!

Early this morning I had a bad dream… one of those really bad dreams. I won’t go into details but it was ‘so real’. In my dream my husband had died in a fire in a big building and I thought my daughter had too but she came out. Anyhow while telling my daughter and hubby about the dream, I wept and wept because it was ‘so real’.

My daughter then shared with me about a dream that she had that she will never forget and that had scared her because it was ‘so real’. She started to weep too!

I shared with her an exercise that I use with my coaching clients about using that same emotional power from a dream that seems ‘so real’ for manifesting what we want in life.

For manifesting, we(man) are the main component in creating the manifestation or what we want to create. We need to first visualize/see what we want to happen, or to achieve, or to acquire in our life and then we need to FEEL as though we are already there experiencing that which we wish to create.

It’s just like the dream! The dream ‘feels real’ because you are FEELING the feelings of this event actually occurring. This is a huge big deal. Really think on this. A dream IS real as it is a manifestation of a concept. The key to future manifesting is to first dream up the concept, SEE it, and put the feeling behind it as though it were already real and than detach from the HOW’s of how it will happen and then let the invisible forces go to work to create your manifestation.

This stuff really works. I have seen it happen over and over again in my life and it always seems like a delightful surprise but I know that I created it! And I am getting really really good at this. This works like magic folks. 🙂

I believe in this so much, today I am sharing this same blog post on all of my blogs! 🙂

Have a great day everyone!