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Soup Hacks

Where I live in Canada today it is really cold. This was just posted 4 minutes ago:

It is currently -23 C where I live and much colder with the wind chill factor

Anyhow, it is a great time for enJOYing hot and nourishing soup. Yesterday I made a delicious pot of soup along with some other goodies like a small meatloaf (something I rarely make), a Cajun Rice & Chicken dish, and my soup. I had 3 of my favorite pots on the go: πŸ™‚ Two cooked in the oven with the chicken and meatloaf and the other stove top for the soup. Oh and also in the pic is small stainless steel pot which boiled a small batch of potatoes.

3 of my red cast iron pots. I have more too lol in different colors. I use these pots often and I have a couple of locations where I spend my time so they are spread out over 3 kitchens πŸ™‚

Soup Hacks

Today I thought I would share a couple of hacks for soup. I rarely, if ever, follow a recipe to make soup. It is usually create as I go and use what I have, which involves finishing up other food items.

Last night after I put the leftover chicken and rice in the fridge, I also froze some in small bags and in small portions to use for future soups and such. You can also use small glass jars too! I left some out for today.

My leftover rice, beans and carrots etc.
The leftover rice, beans, carrots, onions and celery with a cajun spice and some salsa, headed for the freezer in small bags.

So then this morning, I had my household helper over, and asked her if she would like some soup to take home. She said yes and I am sure she really appreciated it on this cold blustery day. So I pulled out the pot of leftover soup. You can see the bowl of soup and how it looked at the top of this blog post, but here it is in the leftover pot in the picture below. I put some of the leftover rice in the glass jar and then filled it with the leftover soup. Now we’ve got a new dimension to yesterday’s soup and we are using up leftovers. πŸ™‚ I then gave her the jar to take home. I β™₯ LOVE β™₯ jars btw and I use them for everything…… I think it is sad that people throw them out and then buy plastic containers to use for things that jars are even better for. For example, storing leftover onions. Glass is a must…. LOL

Anyhoo…. back to the soup. Here is the pic of the jar and soup:

A pot of my soup along with a mason jar of some leftover rice

Not sure yet but tonight’s dinner might be toasted meatloaf sandwhiches, or grilled maybe? Along of course, with some of this yummy soup. We’ll see how the creative day goes but in the meantime, I encourage everyone to open your creative soup mind up and to have fun with creations in your kitchen. πŸ™‚ Bon Appetit!

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