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What To Do With That Celery Juice Pulp!

Attn: Celery Juicers

For all of us on the celery juice train or movement, I am sure we have all experienced this or thought about this, especially in the beginning. What do I do with this pulp I have leftover after juicing my celery?

I can always tell now when people are new to celery juicing because this topic comes up. After awhile most of just get to the point where we toss it. Day after day of juicing kind of makes you detach from the pulp. lol

However, there can be good uses for the pulp so I thought I would share some here. And I will let you know that I got some of these from a thread on a group post. I love how people are so willing to share information and how we can all help each other. And I am sure no one minds me sharing these because these ideas just help everyone so why not πŸ™‚ I am inspired to try some of these and I am going to juice my celery now so I can take a pulp picture for this blog post! lol

So here we go on with some ideas…..

First I will start with a few things I have done. I have put it in a soup that I made with potatoes, onions and carrots, etc. And then turned it into a creamy soup by blending it. Very yummy. Use garlic too and you increase the health benefits. It’s a very soothing soup.

I have also added it into hummus ie. mixed it with blended chickpeas πŸ™‚

Here are some ideas from others:

I’m saving the pulp for veggie broth plus onion skins, a bag of carrot pulp, and other veggies I froze. Gonna boil them up and can into quarts.

I usually juice my celery, then make a separate juice either for myself or my hubby with carrots, apples, cucumber, parsley and put all the pulp together, throw it in a food processor with some garbanzos, salt and pepper, dried herbs and any other seasoning I find fun, I blend it, adding a little bit of juice I just made or water… then lay it out flat on a tray lined with parchment paper, and put in the oven at a low temp to dehydrate and make crackers. They’re actually pretty tasty! You can have the crackers with avocado or hummus or salsa

Sometimes mix it into pet food….or I make muffins out of it …my friends love them .

I use it to make my own celery spice. Just dry it in the oven on the lowest for like 7-10 hours, depending on how much it is and how dry it is. Then I mix it in the blender. Use with everything! 😍

My horse loves it more than any other food

Feed it to my chickens!πŸ”

I add it to my smoothies.

**** My favorite one: You can dry it and crush it, and use it as salt πŸ™‚

 I use it to thicken soups or chili’s

Well there you go folks a few ideas to get us started. Please share with me any ideas your have or ways that you use your pulp. Let’s keep this list of ideas going. I am so glad to see more people following the work of Anthony Williams, Medical Medium. Every day I am witness to lives improving because of this information. πŸ™‚

And if you would like a recipe for the BEST SOUP EVER using celery juice pulp, here you go!https://maggiesvitamins.wordpress.com/2020/10/14/celery-juice-pulp-potato-soup/

3 thoughts on “What To Do With That Celery Juice Pulp!”

  1. I want to use my celery pulp upgrading the soli in my raided bed.
    My idea is to put it in a pit I have dug, and keep covering it with the soil near it. I live in West Virginia, and the soil contains a huge amount of clay. We are a group of monks who do long meditations every day, and gardening is a hobby for me. I do not like putting the celery pulp in the trash, and would like to put it to good use. I would like to know if you have any suggestions…By the way, I have been a celery juicer for close to 2 years, and really like the effects…My latest venture is Earthing…Thank you for you help

    1. I think your idea for the pulp is perfect! I too, throw my celery juice pulp in a composting area of my yard…. even if I don’t grow anything there it helps the soil and our precious earth. I also throw a few carrots pieces that I cut off (end) out there and the squirrels love them! They really enJOY watermelon too! They are smart those squirrels as they know what is good for their bodies. I love that gardening is your hobby. I am getting a deep knowing that when we tend to, grow, and nurture food, it nurtures us back when we eat it and the enJOYment of tending to it and watching it grow is miraculous in itself. Thank you so much for taking the time to share here and I love that you are also a celery juicer! My husband has recently joined the movement too. He is 75 and his hair is turning back to black! I will be posting about this soon πŸ™‚ Have an amazing day whenever you read this πŸ™‚

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